Central usage of Joplin in a network


is it possibly to install just one Joplin application on one server in the network and you use them from other computers? The thought was that i only have to update one application. The OS on the servers is Windows Server 2019 and the Joplin Version is 2.9.1.

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You mean the note-taking app itself? I guess you could put it in a share folder and run it from there.
But it will break if you run it from multiple locations at the same time.

What are you trying to do? Just avoiding updates?

yes I mean the note-taking app itself. I tried to put the software in a share folder, but it didn't work. I want to open the Joplin software at multiple servers from one location. So that i dont have to upgrade multiple application on servers. Are there known issues if you use different versions of Joplin that are using the same shared notebook file?

I think you could possibly run just the application like that, but each user will need to have their own configuration and notes stored in a separate location. Updating will likely be a major pain though, as you'll probably need to close Joplin on all computers before being able to replace the files.

The Profile (which probably is what you mean when you say 'notebook file') can not be shared between multiple applications running simultaneously, even if they're the same version. Each user needs to have their own copy of the profile with all the data.

Maybe you could make it work from a file share - run the app from there, and let each user have their own profile - but then you need to set up sync so the notes propagate between all users.

At the moment I got an centralized notebook shared in the network. In the configuration of the software I added the UNC-Path to synchronise between the multiple servers.

What do you mean by let each user have their own profile?

Not sure from the screenshot, but you might already be doing that part correctly.

The UNC path is for syncing, and you (or any tools) should never modify it directly.
You should point each user to it and sync from there.

Joplin creates a local copy of all the notes, and places it in the 'profile'. On Windows, it's something like C:\Users\<username>\.config\joplin-desktop.
Each user has to have their own, and only one active Joplin instance can access it at a time.

When a user works with Joplin, they change the contents of their local copy of the notes in their Profile; then they sync, which publishes the changes to the UNC location you've set up. On their next sync, other users will download the changes.

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