Can't find file to contribute

Hi everyone,
I am working on issue #4162 . I have the development environment setuped & running .
I have debugged the app-desktop package for hours but not able to find in which file I have to make changes to resolve this issue .

I have just started my open source journey . So if anyone know in which file I have to make changes , please let me know . It will be a great help.

Thanks for giving it a try, but the minimum requirement to contribute is to be able to find the file AND fix the bug. Because even then there are often issues that need to be sorted out during review - we can help with this, but we cannot help with finding the file or fixing the bug for you.

Ok.. I mean that I will fix the bug with my own but I don't know where to look , in which file. That's why

Generally the structure is pretty logical, I often manage to find my way to the code that relates to the issue being seen but don't necessarily know how to fix it.
For example if you are looking at an issue specific to the desktop application then you should probably start in packages/app-desktop then go down from there - is the issue to do with the gui, then look in /gui etc. It is all pretty logically laid out.

Alternatively do some kind of blanket search on the repo for something relevant like "note sort" or if you have any particular unique looking text from the application itself, look at the results and see if you can find some kind of function that you can then use to refine your search to find the file you need.

This is normally a pretty easy way to start without even having to open Joplin.

This isn't meant to be condesending or anything, apologies if you already found the file etc. and its just proving to be a bit hard to find the guilty area.

What have you tried so far to find the relevant place in code?

Some ideas:

  • The issue relates to sorting - look for the word "sort"
  • Similarly see how note list is rendered
  • If there's a menu item that may be relevant find where the corresponding string is defined in code and look for its usages.

This may be helpful: General Guide For Exploring Large Open Source Codebases

I'm just happy that your advice seems to mirror mine as I'm mostly clueless as to the "proper" way to do anything, this is exactly how I seem to haplessly stumble upon the right area and maybe I was just missing some obvious tricks using the dev tools or something.

Thanks alot both of you that link really helped me . It also help me in my open source journey . Thanks to both of you I was able to find the file in which I think bug exists . I have also find that "noteItem_noteDrop" function is not getting executed on onDrop . I have explained about it in the issue