I want to begin contributing

Greeting Joplin community,

I was looking to take the dive into contributing to open source, and decided the best place to do it is here in Joplin because…the app is amazing. What you have accomplished is impressive, and Joplin is the only application that does what I need it to.

I am brand new to contributing to open source and everything seems a bit overwhelming. Read an article on how to contribute, but I wanted to ask what admin jobs I can do that nobody else wants to or doesn’t have the time. I will help wherever you need me to.

Later, when I grasp how the project works, I can start contributing code and/or testing on Linux. I already noticed an icon issue on Ubuntu 18.10, but I need to figure out how to see if the issue still exists on your latest build, and that takes figuring out how to set up a test environment, etc. I have a lot to learn.

If you will have me, put me to work somewhere. I don’t care where. Let me know what you need.


Thanks for your interest in the project! At the moment, there’s no specific admin task that needs to be done but there’s plenty of other ways to contribute:

  • Check the forum now and then and provide support to users, discuss features, etc. It’s mostly in the forum that the project takes form so it’s always good to check it.
  • From time to time, a beta version is posted here and it’s useful if you can test it and confirm if it works for you.
  • Once you get used to the code base, pull requests also are welcome - if it’s something big thought please discuss it here first to make sure it’s within the scope of the project.
  • Also of course translations are welcome.
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Thanks for the quick response. I’ll keep an eye out on the board, and I think I will also begin testing to see if my icon issue still exists on the latest build.