Can't assign "Alt + ←" shortcut to back navigation

This is the VSCode default keyboard shortcut to navigate back, but if you try to assign it in Joplin, it conflicts with a built-in shortcut of changing the sort order of Notes. I suggest making the sort order shortcut modifiable.

I can't reproduce this on my machine. The following commands' keyboard shortcuts are Disabled by default (or after Restore is clicked) and modifiable:

  • Back
  • Notes: Reverse sort order
  • Notes: Toggle sort order field

Saving unique shortcuts for the above commands should solve your issue. If not, what OS and Joplin version are you using that causes this issue?

Those 3 shortcuts are all set to different keys, the issue still persists. The Back keyboard shortcut works fine unless a note in the Notes List is in focus, also i can still click outside of any note somewhere in the Notes List window and use the shortcut and it will work fine, but if the focus is on a note tile, it shows a dialog: "To manually sort the notes, the sort order must be changed to "Custom order" in the menu "View" > "Sort notes by""

On Windows 10 Home,
Joplin 2.14.22

I tested Back and Forward keyboard shortcuts set to Alt+Left and Alt+Right, respectively.

I can reproduce that dialog when note sort order isn't set to Custom order. This is unexpected.

When note sort order is set to Custom order, both Back and Forward shortcuts unexpectedly move the focused note list item up, unless it's atop the list.

That's inconsistent with the editor toolbar's Back and Forward buttons, which work as expected. I also wouldn't expect Back and Forward commands to adjust note order.

For the built-in shortcut issue, I would advise to follow instructions for reporting a bug or wait for someone else to reproduce it.