Cannot use # for comments in mermaid gantt 10.9.1

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I upgraded my Joplin desktop app from 2.14.19 to 3.0.12 and all my gantt charts were getting errors. I found that mermaid version 10.9.1 does not support comments using # symbol. Therefore all my previous charts were producing syntax errors. The previous mermaid version I had was 10.6.1.

I think my problem can be fixed with either of the following methods.

  1. Let mermaid 10.9.1 use # for comments.
  2. Rollback the mermaid version in Joplin 3.0.12
  3. Rollback Joplin version to 2.14.x assuming the mermaid version will rollback as well.

I tried option 3, but I was unable to install 2.14.22 due to the following fatal error in the screenshot.
If there are any other quick fix options I would be most obliged.