Cannot sync or export in Android Workspaces

Device: Galaxy S9
Android version: 10
App Version: 1.3.13

I have been using Joplin for a while for personal note taking, and I have decided to use it for work notes as well. I have Android Workspaces set up on my phone - which puts a soft partition so you can run duplicate versions of an app.

I started taking some notes on the work side of things, and decided I should probably sync to some place to save them. However, whatever I do it does not seem to work:

I set up a specific folder for the note data in my internal storage, send it to my file manager and copy to the direct path:

And then pasted that directly in the sync target:

However, attempting to perform the actual sync only returns an error:

I attempted to amend the syntax, just in case that was a mistake:

As well as trying to use a different folder - one that doesn't have any spaces in the name - and it still doesn't work.

I figured I might just export the profile, and try to set it up with a different workspace container or something, but I am unable to export either:

(I made a folder at the address of the pre-filled in export target)

Any assistance with this would be appreciated. Thanks

I made a change that should fix it in the next version. I say "should" because I could not verify it as I do not have a device running Android 10.

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Ah, thank you. I was wondering if this was a known bug.

If I can ask - in very general terms - what is causing this issue. Is it just something about Android permissions being different within the workspace container?

There are changes in Android 10 related to storage access permissions.

If you are still interested.