Cannot sync Joplin 1.0.179 to OneDrive on macOS Catalina

macOS 10.15.2 / Joplin 1.0.179 / OneDrive

Synchronisation to OneDrive seems to have stopped working on macOS … anyone having issues with Catalina? I can sync. on Win10 and iOS.

By “stopped”, I mean that clicking on the ‘Synchronise’ button in the app does nothing, nor does selecting ‘Synchronise’ in the Joplin menu.

I just tried deleting Joplin entirely (including deleting the ‘/Users/username/.config/joplin-desktop’ folder) and reinstalling. The fresh install asked me to authenticate to OneDrive when I set it as the sync target … but then was as locked up as the version I had uninstalled.

Any ideas?