Cannot find "Backup" plugin bundled in Joplin 2.14 (Desktop)

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Joplin 2.14.20 (prod, Linux)

What issue do you have?

Basic information: I am using Joplin Desktop on Fedora Silverblue (Linux). This is the only machine on which Joplin is being used, I am not syncing it with any other machine. Jack Gruber's "Backup" is the only plugin I use.

Joplin Flatpak was installed (long ago) using Gnome Software, and Gnome Software updates it whenever a new (stable/production) version is available.

Problem: The topic “What’s new in Joplin 2.14” mentions that Joplin will bundle Jack Gruber’s “Backup” plugin by default. Before updating Joplin to version 2.14, I deleted the previously installed "Backup" plugin, hoping that the plugin would henceforth just be part of the default Joplin installation. However, I could not find the plugin bundled anywhere in Joplin. There have been a few more Joplin updates after that, and the "Backup" plugin does not seem to come bundled with the software.

To test with a clean profile, I created a new user on the computer and opened Joplin as that user; still cannot find the bundled "Backup" plugin anywhere.

What am I missing?

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The flatpak disables the backup plugin being built in by default:

I imagine this is because it doesn't cleanly fit in the Flatpak build environment, but as is, it's a maintenance decision and not a bug.

Can you still install the plugin manually?


That explains it - thank you so much!

And yes, I can manually install the plugin. Manual installation and update of the plugin is a minor inconvenience, not a deal breaker. In any case, that's what I had been doing all along; so will get back to that.