Can you create more "Notebooks" categories in the side bar?

The current layout seems to only have “All Notes / Notebooks / Tags” listed in the sidebar. I was wondering if there was some way to add additional “Notebooks” sections?

Maybe I’m using the software wrong, but I have different subjects that I’d like to keep multiple notebooks in. For example, one might be “Work Notebooks” and anther would be “Video Game Notebooks” where I could log various notes for different games (each notebook could be its own game) or “Journals” where I could just log various personal stuff and have different books for different things (maybe a new book every year, for example).

You can have nested notebooks, which should give the functionality you’re looking for.
You can nest notebooks by dragging one over another in the desktop app.

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Yes, thank you! This will do exactly what I needed :smiley: