Can you change the default Resources folder and move it to another partition?

Could be change the default Resources folder and move it to another partition?


It is possible move resources folder default to DATA (D:) for example? Because i have a lot of images in Joplin… and the principal disk is a ssd of 120GB.


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I do not think this is supported.

There are a few things you can try:

  • Create a symlink for the resources folder
  • Run Joplin with --profile and point it to your D: drive.
  • Use the portable verison – it creates its profile folder right next to the executable.
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Just now, i have tested portable option, it runs perfect. Thanks so much !

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One problem is that now you’re running Joplin off a hard disk not SSD – might be a bit slower.

I have this problem (Win11, C: is a 118GB SSD, D: is a 1TB HDD)
My Joplin Cloud data is massive (more than 15GB unencrypted) and if I understand correctly using encryption means Joplin is downloading the entire unencrypted data (with encryption inflating the size by about 50%), and then decrypts and keeps a decrypted copy too.
And, again if I understand correctly, it's the entire database including attachments, since Joplin on Win11, unlike the Android/iOS app, does not give the option to download attachements only when they are necessary.
So it means that Joplin Folder will at some point reach ~40GB once Joplin has sync'd everything.

I am currently trying with a hard link from C:\Users\myusername.config\joplin-desktop to another folder on D:
(I created the hard link after moving the existing folder to the new location).
It seems to work, not 100% sure as Joplin gives me a "Some items cannot be synchronized. View them now" message.