Can Joplin send an x509 certificate?

I would like to use a client certificate (x509, .pfx) installed on my iphone to access joplin. I have installed the certificate in iOS via settings > general > profile. When I try to sync Joplin, I get error 400, bad request, no required ssl certificate was sent.

Is it possible to configure Joplin so that it will send this certificate when trying to sync. If not, is it a feature that might be added?

I would also like to do the same thing on the desktop. Under "custom certificates" I added the path to my .pfx certificate, but when testing I still got Error 400.

Joplin does not use certificates for authentication.
The certificate to specify is for certificate verification of the Server.

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Thanks. What would it take to implement this? If I understand correctly it just needs to include the certificate with the http headers (I am really new to this though so I may be wrong).

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