Can I print from the mobile Android app?

Hi folks,

I'm running Joplin on my Android Phone and Linux Mint machine. I'm a few months in as I'm still getting used to the look and feel and the formatting is so different from a Microsoft product. Anyway, I don't see an option to print a note within Joplin.

I just thought I would check to see if I'm missing something, or if this just is not a feature?

This isn't implemented at the moment.

Ok, thank you.

I didn't try, but is it not possible to "share" a note with the printer, and that would print it? Don't really know how printing works from Android but I imagine they could expose the printer as a share target.

I don't have such option even though I have a printer set up. Maybe there's an app that makes it possible.

On my samsung s7 i get an error error "files of unsupported formats were not imported". I am sharing to the Canon Android app.

Is it for plain text notes or with attachments?

tried it on both a note with and without any attachments. same issue.

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