[Android App] Is it possible to export a note as a TXT/PDF/etc?

Just started to use Joplin on my phone and I like it a lot, good features and good privacy. However, I am having trouble, as on the note clients that I used before this, I was in the habit of sharing things frequently as a PDF. The last one I was using [Samsung Notes] could do this natively.

Is it possible to do this with Joplin? I have looked pretty extensively through the menu, but whenever I select the “share” option from the upper right-handed drop down, no matter what destination I pick whether it is an email, a messenger client, or even just another note program, it only ever copies and pastes the raw markdown text. Especially bothersome when it contains images.

Is this the only possible export/share option? Or is it possible to export it as some kind of formatted file type (.txt, PDF, etc) through a different setting?