Can I define a new file source under "profile"

Hi I'm exploring the new "Switch Profile" functionality.

I am running a file-only system on a USB stick. I created a new profile and switched to it. I created a few test tasks, then clicked the Synchronize button. Joplin gives me the option to synch with Joplin Cloud, Google Drive, or DropBox. Is it possible to define a new file source to synchronize with? I would like to keep them both on the same USB stick. Thanks.

Just add a folder “Profile 2” in your USB stick and add it in the sync setting of this profile.

  • Synchronisation target : File system
  • Directory to synchronise with : your path to “Profile 2”

If you don’t sync your files with one or more devices, the File system target is redundant.

When you create a secondary profile Joplin creates a new folder with all files associated (sql Database, resources...) that new profile. You could :

  • Put synchronisation target : none
  • Don't forget to backup the secondary profiles as the default profile

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