Bullet List Adds Asterisk Symbol

Hi all,

I have a problem using lists. When I create one, the program adds asterisks as shown below:


How can I avoid this from happening?

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I cannot duplicate this using Joplin v2.8.8 (Official AppImage, Linux Mint 20.3) with no plugins, using both the Markdown and rich-text editor.

When you created this post the template gave details of additional information that is needed to help provide support. It enables others to try to duplicate what you are experiencing. Without this information it's difficult to work out what the problem may be.

In this case the below information may be useful:

  • Operating System
  • Joplin version
  • Official version or third-party (snap, flatpak etc.)
  • Did this occur with the Markdown or rich-text editor (or both)?
  • Any plugins installed?
  • What method was used to create the list (manually, toolbar, keyboard shortcut)?
  • Has Joplin always done this since you first installed it or has it only started recently?
  • Was the text being turned into a list plain text or was it in italics?

I am not saying that providing the above will guarantee a solution, it will just help others to try to work out what the problem may be :slight_smile:

After looking again at the screenshot I can duplicate this using Joplin v2.8.8 & v2.9.4 (Linux & Windows 10) if the text was incorrectly marked up italic text in the first place.

Text is not rendered as italic if there is a space between the last character of the line and the ending asterisk.


Same applies when such text is turned into a list.


The only problem here is that the text would have been visible with asterisks before the list was created.

The only way for it not to be obvious is if:

  • Lines of text with a space at the end are selected in the rich-text editor
  • The toolbar button is used to make them italic

The rich-text editor renders the lines as italic but keeps the space before the closing asterisk.

Switching to the Markdown editor at any point causes the rendering to not accept spaces between the last word and the ending asterisk and so the asterisks are displayed.



Removing the space between the end of the line and the asterisk should correct the issue.

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I understood, thank you.

GitHub issue #6927 created

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