Bulk tag delete Python script

Joplin bulk tags remover

Python script to bulk remove tags from Joplin files.

It works with local files and does not use API.
So better to have the local Joplin files in some kind of auto-sync folder (Dropbox etc).

In this case all changes in the folder will auto-propagate to all your devices
with Joplin installed.



To run the script you need Python 3.6 or higher.

Install dependencies with

python3 -m pip install requirements.txt


Specify folder with you Joplin files in config.yaml.


    python3 src/tag.py --rm=<tag name to remove> 


I wrote this script because I need bulk tag removing.
As discussed in Joplin forum
in UI there is no command for tags bulk removing.

There is Joplin command line but I wanted simple
code in Python that I could easily modify for my purposes.

Also I wanted to get better understanding of the Joplin files structure.

As a bonus here we have Python code that can be
adjusted by anybody who prefer Python.
For example it would be easy to filter by note title or to find all
dangling tags and so on.
Or automate any bulk operation you want.

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Thanks for the script. I have made the post a bit more presentable. I hope that’s ok.

@andgineer - just having a little look through this. I’m a sort of beginner Python user, could you explain about filtration?

In my example, I want to remove all tags that don’t begin with an “!” from the database as I have a TON left over from my social bookmarking days and want to clean them up a bit - make syncing a bit simpler too.