Building a digital garden using Joplin Garden Worker

Hello, I want to share my new project here. It is Joplin Garden Worker (JGW). It is a tool to export notes from Joplin to build (but not limited to) a digital garden website.

Unlike the traditional personal blog that publishes a set of articles in a reversed chronological order, the digital garden is a lot like a wiki with evolving ideas connected by links.

The JGW exports the notes into a folder. It will modify the content like the link according to the engine chosen. If Hugo is chosen, you may build a static site using its command line tool based on the content from the export folder.

Project Site: benlau/joplin-garden-worker: Export notes from Joplin to build a digital garden website

Demo sites:


  • Exported tag-filtered notes from Joplin
  • Export to Hugo / Github Wiki
  • Support link transclusion
  • Support running custom post-processing scripts
    • e.g show backlinks on a note

Building a site with Hugo usually requires a lot of customization. The Joplin Garden Worker supports running a few hook scripts to customize the output. However, the document is far from complete. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here or on Github.


I've done joplin-blog before, recently rewritten to mami, seems to function similarly, exporting joplin/obsidian (or other compatible sources) to compatible output like hexo/hugo/local/raw etc.

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