Bug? - Cannot apply code formatting directly after a list

I cannot find a previous posting on this on the forum or GitHub. May be new or may be bad searching by me…


Joplin 1.0.179
Windows 10 Pro x64 1909
No custom css in use

Steps to Reproduce

  • Create a list (ordered or unordered)
  • After the last item press enter which adds another item line
  • Backspace / delete the list item markup, -
  • Enter to add a new line
  • Type some text (Image 1)
  • Indent that text using a tab or four spaces to change it to preformatted code (Image 2).

Expected Behaviour

The indented line should display as preformatted code

Actual Behaviour

The line moves up as if it were another list entry but without the list item marker (Image 2)

Additional Information

Adding numerous empty lines after the list still does not prevent this from happening (Image 3)

Adding a plain text line between the list and the indented preformatted code line causes the code line to display correctly (Image 4)


Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4