Batch importing Evernotes: Does the Joplin Appimage come with the terminal app?

Ubuntu 22.04 / Joplin 2.8.8 appimage

I have been experimenting with Joplin desktop for the past week and I would like to stick with it. Are there any flags or arguments that I can call when launching the appimage? I'm hoping the command line version of Joplin comes with the appimage since the Node/NPM installation did not work for me when I followed these instructions.

I have a bunch of .enex notebooks that I want to import. So I was going to use the command line to run a batch file and import the notes. Once that's done I don't anticipate needing the Joplin command line again. It's unfortunate that I can't select multiple ENEX files when importing from the Joplin GUI.

$ Joplin-2.8.8.appimage --help
xdg-settings: invalid application name
Try 'xdg-settings --help' for more information.
[422680:1110/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
(node:422644) electron: The default of nativeWindowOpen is deprecated and will be changing from false to true in Electron 15.  See for more information.
(Use `@joplinapp-desktop --trace-warnings ...` to show where the warning was created)

It doesn't, no, the only official way of installing it is via npm.
However you might like to have a look at Unofficial alternative Joplin distributions which has some via other install methods like nix, unfortunately I think the snap package is outdated but may still work.
Remember that the terminal app by default will still be writing to its own profile so you would probably need to export them all again to .jex after you imported them to import to a desktop installation. Otherwise you are looking at pointing it to a different profile which isn't properly supported.

OK thank you for clearing that up. I did install Node via the snap package per the instructions on the Node website.

This complicates things a bit, too. I have been teaching myself Python for the past few months so I am using this as an excuse to learn how to control my mouse and keyboard with a Python script, LOL.

Honestly my favoured way of managing node is with nvm as it makes it super easy to swap between versions and maintain different versions for different projects by just running a few simple commands.

Otherwise you could always ask for help and post the errors you get whilst trying to install the joplin CLI package, people are usually pretty keen to help out.

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