'back' action on mobile should open list of notebooks before exiting

Presently, when i have a notebook open and click back, the app/activity "exits / closes entirely. This is very different from every other app I've ever used, and even after 2 years of using Joplin between my linux desktop, tablet, and android, I still get bit by it just about every day :frowning:

I believe least surprise, and most helpful, would be to have back open the list of notebooks. Implementation wise, it would even just literally open the existing slide-out that is currently present in the app, not need for a new ~activity [android speak for each "screen" as I understand it].

I'm on android, I would expect this works the same on iOS but can't test.

PS: the only related thread I see is #2401 (make-back-button-a-general-return-button-mobile), which seems to be about the flow of back through the app. I'm just talking about the "final" back.


Note that swiping from the left edge to the right opens the menu from this screen (same as pressing the hamburger menu) to show the list of notebooks. However, it is difficult to do and doesn't work for me if gestures are enabled on the phone as trying to swipe just triggers the back gesture. It sounds like this is something they're going to fix at some point though:

I do think having the back button open the list of notebooks would be nice as that is more intuitive than the back button closing the app.