Autocompletion/search of tags during selection

In the Android client, tagging a note involves scrolling through a potentially long list of entries to find the existing matches. It would be really useful if the “New Tags” textbox was replaced by a Search textbox which would perform a search (ideally as we type) for existing tag names, and revert to creating the tag if no match was found. This would further improve usability as it is all too easy now to mistype tags and thus unwillingly create near-duplicates.

Thank you for your time


I agree wholeheartedly. Tags in Android are very cumbersome.

Another point worthy of adding is that the general search box does not search for tags either. And if you wish to filter by a tag you have to scroll through all of your tags to find the specific tag. Sometimes you want to drill down through tags using multiple tags to find the note you are after. All in all tags on Android need some attention. Using a small screen means that the UI/UX needs to be as efficient as possible to make the experience useful.

All in all great work, if I was a coder I would contribute. If I see the Android UI improve I will gladly donate financially.


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