Android : improve tag ui/ux

on mobile app there are some issues regarding user interface about tags:

  • [VIEW] If you open a note you cannot see immediately which are associated tags, you have to tap the 3 dots menu, pick tags, and then you get prompted to the whole list of available tags with checkbox marked on associated tags, if you have several tags it is not so good. In my opinion an ui like desktop app should be implemented also here, maybe limiting to first N tags (smartphone screens are small) and with an expand button that triggers a dialog with the list of associated tags (only those)

  • [ASSIGN] also adding a tag is worse than in desktop application, there is no live search feature and you have to scroll down the whole list and tick wanted tag

  • [ADD] : this is not a big issue, only a significant difference with desktop app, using desktop app you have a search field that lets you add the tag if it is new, on mobile app, the same field changes behavior to create, I suppose that some user, coming from desktop app, was tempted to use the add label field in mobile app like the search and/or create one on the desktop app.

I put these requests in "Features", I really like your application and I use it on various platforms on daily basis, I hope that my points doesn't offend you, let you improve your beautiful app, and I really hope didn't write the same thing of an older post, on right pane I didn't find any similar.

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