Attachments lost again without encrypting and remote syncing

I am using the latest Joplin, syncing to file system, without encrypting.
Some of my attachments just get lost every several days. I tried to reattach them, and several days later, they got lost again. This happened many times so I am looking for help here.

The note has not been changed for a long time, with the link below:


I looked into ~/.config/joplin-desktop/resources and the file is removed indeed. But when I looked into the backup directory, which is a git repo, I see no entry mentioned removement. And I found my attachment still in backup-repo/.resource.

Fortunately I found my data back by removing everything in ~/.config/joplin-desktop and sync data from my backup repo.

There’s not enough info to help I’m afraid.

I think this may be related to the backup function of mac OS, it marks my files as not frequently used and removes it to save storage space, but I still couldn’t find the place they are supposed to be as a backup.
After freeing up some storage, I did not meet this problem again.