Attachments - in and out (2)

I would like to keep this earlier post open for comments :

The status table form this earlier post looks still valid to me. If you have any issues with attachments (which do not seem to justify separate issues on Git) please let us/me know here.

Here is this table, details and explanations in the earlier (now closed) post, link above.

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Today I have tested the latest release of the Android version (v1.7.5), and come up with the following "news" compared to earlier findings. In table column/row ...

C16/18: correct file name is now displayed, and it is easy to view the contents for all text files and PDFs
D16-18: each file can be selected (tab and hold) and "shared", and if an app like total commander is installed, the user can choose to "retrieve"/save the file with total commander. Unfortunately this is followed by an error message after selection of a suitable file path (e.g. SD-card), the error message reads : src

Excuses that I am too lazy to update the table (for now).

Today tested latest release of the iOS version ( v10.7.2 ). Findings (by table row/column):
C16 : fixed
B12 : fixed
C12 : change entry to "link"
D10 : problem remains, as filenames are lost in the process
D11 : picture may be saved to "Photos" app, and shared from there (ok)
D12 : change entry to "ok"

Column E : I have closed the related issues in GH, but still believe the concerns indicated under **) in the table remain valid.
Column F : I believe that the problem indicated is "sort of" addressed elsewhere by way of a better handling of "orphan attachments".

At last for now, a look at the latest MacOS desktop version (1.7.10), the bugs indicated in the table at positions D5, D6, and D7 are all fixed.

If you have any further issues with attachments on any platform, in particular under windows (not covered as I do not operate a win device), please add them here, so it all ends up in one place !!

With a "chapeau" to the devs : either somebody ignored my table (as s/he said s/he would) and yet did a great job anyway. Or, somebody used my table in order to significantly improve all platforms. THANKS !! with these improvements Joplin has come a long way for users interested in attachments at all.