are there shortcuts to frequently typed texts?

It would be nice to be able to program shortcuts to be able to type things like quickly

<span class = 'nameclass> </span>

for example or any frequent phrase

maybe you will find these two plugins helpful:

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I use AutoHotkey, so if I type the letter b followed by dd then it inserts the date formatted how I like it and using markdown bold while simply 3 ds just inserts the date. 3 ts inserts the time. It is a very simple scripting tool that is very useful and works across all your apps.

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You can do that with Slash Commands using string command type. The definitions can be annoyed to prepare, but if your use case is straight forward enough then it will be sufficed.

Just declare a /tag string command that will be unrolled into <span class = 'class-tag1'> </span> or <span class = 'class-tag2'> </span>, etc.

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this is the answer I was looking for!
(Of course there is also 42)
thank you!