Are there precise instructions for deleting profiles in the Windows app?

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Joplin 2.14.17 (prod, win32)
Client-ID: ...
Sync-Version: 3
Profil-Version: 46
Unterstützter Schlüsselbund: Ja
Revision: 094175c
Simple Backup: 1.3.6

Sync target

Joplin Cloud

What issue do you have?

In order to solve certain problems, I have created several profiles in my Joplin Windows apps, which I would now like to delete. I also want to delete the associated data. In the Joplin Android app I found a function to delete a profile - in the Windows app this function seems to be missing.
There seems to be a way to delete such profiles by manually editing a "profiles.json" file and manually deleting certain subdirectories from the Windows computer.
I think that you can very quickly make a bad mistake with this manual procedure if you don't know exactly which individual steps to take and in which order.
Is there a precise and reliable guide to deleting profiles in the Windows app that describes step by step exactly what to do and in what order to delete a profile from a Windows app without damaging the remaining profiles and their data?
Patron dpoulton's description from December 2022 is the best I could find on this topic.

This description seems to say that the profiles.json file does not need to be edited, but deleted, and that it is automatically recreated when a subdirectory of a profile is deleted and Joplin is restarted.

I would feel better if I could get a description from one of the developers that also works reliably for Joplin 2.14.17 (prod, win32).

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