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I would like to know if there is a way to protect the app startup on Android with a password. I am not interested in encrypting or protecting the notes, only the access to the app.

Thank you very much.

Joplin 2.7.13 (prod, win32)
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Android 6.0.1

Not currently, no - FAQ | Joplin

Many phones have in-built app lockers anyway and I think there are third party apps that can do the same?

A very good suggestion by jolufe. TI was surprised myself that this security measure is missing in the Android APP.

Android OS support app protection with biometrics, but requires the APP to request the call, so by adding a password/biometric option for the APP it would be fully functional.

(This would be instead of expecting yet another third-party app to be added to get local security as suggested Daeraxa)

/Many thanks for considering this for future releases

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Thank you.

I agree that this would be an important feature.

I hope it can be implemented.

Thank you very much.


For now I installed Norton App Lock and it works fine.
It is light, simple and has no ads.



Many thanks for the tip!

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