Anyone having access to the "Joplin" organisation?

I've recently made some changes to use Lerna for managing the repository and as part of doing this I moved sub-packages under the "@joplin" name.

However when I've tried to publish I realised I needed to register an npmjs orgnisation under that name, which unfortunately is already taken. Since it's unused I've asked npm to see if they could get in touch with the person and if they could transfer it to me.

But then I thought maybe someone here reserved that name just in case it is useful later on for the project? I know some social media name has been reserved and perhaps this one too. So if by any chance you have access to that organisation please let me know, and if you could add me as a user that would be great.


Or this is a name squatter, waiting for some money to release it…

So far no-one contacted us about this, so it might just be someone who took the name several years ago and forgot about it. I expect npm has a name squatting policy anyway and we have a relatively good case to get this name.

Npmjs has been kind enough to transfer the "joplin" name!

Thanks for your patience.

We've created the org joplin with owner laurent22 and team developers .

You can access the organization billing by logging as the organization owner, laurent22 , then heading here:

  • found by clicking the organization name on the left of any profile settings page (any one of the pages in the dropdown menu under your avatar)

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you. We’ll be here to help.


Cool, which means we can move the packages from joplinapp to joplin. Woohoo.