Any way to disable automatically uncollapsing of opened Notes?

Any way to disable automatically uncollapsing of opened Notes? It is terribly annoying everything stays uncollapsed, can't navigate through my Notes. By notes I mean notepads not sure how it calls, the main category you create where you save things!

  • 2.8.8
  • (WYSIWYG).
  • Windows 10 21H2
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Can you post a screenshot showing the issue at hand? It's difficult to deduce what the problem is about from the short explanation above.

...what , we can collapse notes now?!?!

Well screenshot doesn't describe issue, it cannot be explained by screenshot....

For example: If i search for a Notepad, it will get uncollapsed fully and stays that way, even if I visit different Notepad. So when I try to find some Notepad in menu: I can't because they are all uncollapsed and there is no way to collapse them with single button/hotkey...

Yeah, so now the problem is clear (and I can confirm that that is indeed what happens). The "search" context was missing from the initial post, hence it was difficult to guess what was meant exactly.

Yeah Joplin has decent base, but it is missing so many practical features. If you need also folder structure, except tags, it is unuseable. Also searching for tags is vehenet. Why can't you see at right when you explore certain caregory available tags and can't click on them to thin notes that are shown? Also it can't organize notes well in Notepads. I already posted feedback after months of use, but no one seemed to - care pointless.. I have good idea, I would program something myself, but I have chronic pain and I don't have time to program every program of every kind, because all programs are usually missing core/practical/logical features, which users realizes by using the program, but it seems programmers don't use their own programs much... I hav ADHD...

When I also find using ctrl+p @notebook, it doesn't even center on that in left menu and everything stays uncollapsed all the time - can't find anything pfffffffffffff

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