Any suggestions for a font for Joplin?

I’m looking for a font that could be used to write the text “Joplin” next to the icon, for example in the logo displayed above in the forum. (I’ve used Sergio UI for now)

I don’t know much about fonts so not sure what to pick so if anyone has a suggestion on what could look good that would be great. Any ideas?

Perhaps we could ask @etho201 since he did a great but little too late job with the logo?

Sure, any idea is welcome.

iA or IBM Plex fonts are easy on the eyes.

Maybe people could just paste the image of the word Joplin with the fonts they like. We only need those 6 letters anyway.

Sergio UI


IBM Plex Sans


Btw, I like the one currently used on the forum.

I like how it looks in the Sergio UI font, but I don’t know enough about fonts to know if there’s a nicer looking option or not. I’ve always been partial to Avenir Next, but I don’t know if it’s universally available.

This doesn’t seem to be a topic that exercises many minds. If there’s still need for two cents, here are mine:

Four serif and six sans fonts that would go well with the Joplin logo, in my opinion. I appreciate the beauty of IBM Plex Sans, but it’s a bit too stern for what I’m associating Joplin with (I’m somewhat biased towards more friendly looking fonts). And maybe its prominent J tries to compete with the logo. Segoe UI fails the O0oIl1 test, but that doesn’t really matter in a logo. You might like the (almost) symmetry of J and l in PT Sans.

Afterthought: if you prefer something more geometrical, Futura is a good choice.
Joplin-logotext Futura
Bitter, Faustina, Asap, Fira Sans, and PT Sans can be found on Google Fonts, BTW.

Afterthought #2: I see now that other fonts mentioned above also have some in-between weigths.

@memophen, of those I like the first one “Bitter”

A bit of character, a bit of reference to a type-writer which is relevant for note-taking, but more modern than Times-New-Roman.

I personally think something like the Hack Mono Nerd Font. It’s very simple, clean and all letters are very distinguishable from each other.

Live demo

Font Download

If you want to use a monospaced font in a logo, there are a few things to consider.

  • Choosing a standard width like Consolas or IBM Plex Mono, or something more condensed like Iosevka or some variants of Input?
  • Irregularities in spacing are more conspicuous at bigger sizes (compare the Jop part with the lin part). Nice alternatives are the semi-proportional Input Sans and Input Serif fonts. Another interesting font is Monoid, that tries to smooth irregularities while still remaining non-proportional. I haven’t tested it yet. As you can see, IBM Plex Mono simply solves the problem by giving l and i king-size serifs, but the result isn’t quite satisfying though.

Iosevka and Input both have a lot of glyph and weight variants.

Just a reminder, we are only looking for a font for the following 6 letters: Joplin

The O0oIl1 test is irrelevant for the word Joplin.