Android syncronisation problem

Hello all!
Im installed & configured Joplin on my two computers with syncro with my webdav space hosted on Bluehost an works fine (w7 and w10 v 1.0.104), then i try to get my joplin (v 1.0.129) on android 7.0 working with same configuration but i get this message when i try to syncronize notes i created before:

07-30T14:41:02,20,"""Error: Missing required property: type_: 
   <style type="text/css">
    th { text-align: left; }
    td.size { text-align: right; }
    .pdir { font-variant: small-caps; }
    .pdir, .dir, .file, .date {
        padding-right: 2em;
    .size {
        padding-left: 2em;
<h1>Contents of <span class="path"></span></h1>
    <tr><th>Name</th><th>Last Modified</th><th>Size</th></tr>

It would be useful with the log of the Joplin android app.

Tnx foxmask, Sorry but I attached only first part of android log, i don’t know how to attach entire file to a post,
Forgive my poor English

try to copy/paste the log to and past the URL of it here

So sorry for de delay foxmask, there my entire log file..
note the last but one syncronizing from temporary (but fully funtional) dropbox based configuration...
thanks in advance :wink:

I have to admit that I dont see why this occurs. I hope @laurent could have a look soon :confused:
sorry !

Thanks so much foxmask, 5’ for response, youre mythical
I’ll wait laurent,