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What issue do you have?

As above. When in the browser (Brave for Androoid) when I shared I think I used to get a copy of the web screen. Now all I get is a link.. How do I correct this?

Hard to believe no-one else has had this problem. Is it just me?

Are you sure this has worked before? I haven't tried brave but when I implemented this functionality other browsers I've tried (chrome and firefox) only shared the link.

I impported a lot of Evernote notes previously.... Could these be the notes showing as proper web content rather than just links?

Yes, that's possible.

For context, on desktop joplin relies on a browser plugin to send page content to the app. On mobile vey few browsers support plugins so saving a link seemed better than nothing.

In that case I wonder which Android browsers DO support a suitable plugin?

Firefox, I think. They have announced the support for plugins a few months ago.

Sadly Firefox on my Android 10 Huawei P30 states 'none found' when searching for Addons.

Even if you install the Joplin Web Clipper plugin, e.g. in Kiwi Browser, it won't really do anything, because the Joplin app itself doesn't have the Web Clipper built into it as the desktop version does.

You can use apps like to save websites as Markdown directly into Joplin, however the functionality is much more limited than the actual Joplin Web Clipper.

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Make sure you are using the latest version of the Brave and Joplin app.

I doubt it's going to change anything.

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This was a big letdown for me coming from Evernote but then somewhere I found the suggestion to use Markdownr:

Now I share from Chrome to Markdownr, which normally does a great job at generating a Markdown version of the page, and then I share from Markdownr to Joplin. It's a 2-step process, but it's been smooth.


I use Evernote normally but when my sub came up for renewal a few days ago the price had gone up AGAIN. So I am seeking a replacement that is either free/open source or inexpensive. I'll look at this as an option too. In the meantime I'm reverting to Instapaper but that is charging a subscription too. I'm also trying emailthis:

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