Android/Nextcloud - Network request failed

Running Joplin 1.3.13, on a Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Android 10). I'm trying to sync via NextCloud, and when I check the sync config, it tells me the network request failed.

I'm using the same URL, username, and password that I'm using on my Joplin Windows app (copied and pasted through using Join, so no chance for typos or anything like that). The Nextcloud server is self-hosted. I've verified that I can access the WebDAV directory from the Android device and, in general, from outside my firewall.

Here's the debug log from the phone:
syncReport-1605217008092.txt (157.2 KB)

I'm currently evaluating Joplin for a move from Evernote, and I really like the idea of hosting my own data for the sync, so I'd love to get this working!

Are you using a self-signed certificate by any chance?

Crud, I meant to say that, after reading other similar posts. No, it's from ZeroSSL.