[Android] Joplin can't sync

Android - Joplin 1.0.333
Android 9 (using latest security patch by Nokia), device is Nokia 8

Desktop - Joplin 1.0.227 (prod, win32), Revision: 4913fdb8 (master)
Desktop - Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

When I made changes from desktop and sync them to the cloud, then go to the android device and press sync nothing happens.
If I made a change from the android device and press sync, I have an error which I pasted below (alongside with the log screenshot).

If I delete the app, download it again from the app store and set the sync (I’m using Dropbox), and the encryption key, everything is fine UNTIL I have to sync it again.

I have double checked and inserted the right key which is checked by Joplin (I have a green mark).


Edit: I fixed the problem by deleting both apps and data from the cloud, created another (only one) master key, now everything works as it should be. Looks like there’s a problem with handling multiple master keys while only one is active.