[Android] Insert date and a way to customize the string

On the Desktop client there is an option to enter the date with Ctrl+Shift+T. On Android I have to open a separate app, copy the date tag, switch to Joplin and paste the date.

Could you add an option to insert the date? Also I use the ISO style, which won’t match the locale on the Android device. So could you also add a menu to set the date string inserted by the said option/command?

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I use the Clipper app on Android for this and it seems to work pretty well.

Also would love a way to insert date quickly in the Android app, but I’d like to insert date as the title of a new note (as a journal entry for instance).

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This is done automatically if it is the first line of a new note.

hey guys - what about a general feature? To add buttons with customized functions to insert dates in own format or to add any specified string or whatever?
It would be great if all this could be synced between different clients (like pc/mac/android).
I, for example, create all my notes with a specific kind of layout for the header information. It would be a lot simpler if only needed to press a single button for it.

There is another note taking app on github (qownnotes: https://github.com/pbek/QOwnNotes) which I used for some time before switching to Joplin. I prefer Joplin because of some important advantages, but qownnotes got this feature of adding custom functions as buttons to the program, which I really miss when using Joplin.
I haven’t found any feature request regarding this feature so far - neither in this forum nor in the github issue history - so may I should create one?

@CalebJohn had some ideas for a template feature which maybe would fit well with this customised functions. Inserting a custom date would be a kind of template I guess.

I’m a bit puzzled by this. The time and date is shown as specified in settings. So people want a different time/date representation than they set in their settings? I don’t get it.

It could be that they want a format that isn’t already support in Joplin (for example June, 11th). Or how I understand their needs is that that want something of the form Date: June 11th where there is additional text that goes along with a date.

The way I was envisioning templates would include support for dates. I’ll try to get a proof of concept going soon.

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Ah, I see. This makes sense then. Cheers for the explanation.

Srry for beeing not clear - yes I was talking about adding dates in a specific format to the note text.
Like a customized button - that works like this one, but works on desktop and on android.

Custom functions for me include the possibility to create date strings in a specific format. But it should be possible to insert any custom string (text) at the current position of the cursor. For example this: “================” as a marker for the main heading of a note. Just like all the other buttons in the desktop version of joplin. I refer to these buttons:

I don’t think that a css configuration like referenced by you @laurent could really solves this issue.
Anyway I think having a synced css configration would be a cool feature.

@laurent thanks for integrating the template feature on desktop. This is as convenient as I excepted it to be. :slight_smile:

Two more things that would be a big improvement for this feature:

  1. Making the date templates international -> I would like to have German day of the week (Montag instead of Monday). Just add an option to set the moment.js locale for every date format string.
  2. What about syncing templates to mobile apps including some handy buttons or similar for easy access?.

Having templates in just English was an oversight that has been fixed for the next release. On the next release templates will follow the localization you have set in Joplin.

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good to know - thanks :slight_smile: