Android error syncing ver. 337

I installed ver. 1.0.337 on my Android device lately, and for about a week now, it sycns fine and work normally for 2-3 hours then gives me this error. When it happens I cant’ access my notebooks anymore, but tags are there. I tried removing the previous version 336 and installing this new one, and also installing the new over the old… same result. any ideas?
here is the error I get… I trimed it from the end

Error: Could not retrieve account details (drive ID, Account type): 401: undefined: {
“error”: {
“code”: “InvalidAuthenticationToken”,
“message”: “CompactToken validation failed with reason code: 80049228.”,

In the recent version is a bug for onedrive. This has already been fixed but Laurent hasn’t released a new Android version yet. As soon as the new version has been released it should work.

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