Android editor error

Joplin v1.0.324 running on OnePlus5 (OS9.0.11, android 9)

Stores 1. Cement 2. Door stop 3. Windshield fixer

if i create and edit this on my windowsPC everything works fine. the collapsing list acts as it should. when i edited the above list on my android phone, the line feeds seem to have been removed. see attached.

looks like it might be a linefeed error maybe?


If you use <details> html in your markdown you have to use an emty line after it:


1. Cement
2. Door stop  
3. Windshield fixer


Otherwise it won’t work, if you use other markdown features within that block. Thereoetically this should not work at all according to the specs.

missed that, thanks for catching it. i’m still trying to get a better understanding of markdown.

If this is an unsupported feature ("this should not work" ??) my observation below may be utterly useless, but I tried above example on all 3 platforms. It is interpreted correctly in all cases, but

  • in the desktop app the body text (under the summary line) does not collapse (when selected), while ...
  • on iOS and Android this works perfectly fine as expected.

I think this would really be a useful feature if it worked on all platforms.

Only vaguely related to this subject, I noticed it at the same time, line feeds (or hard returns) are ignored in any notes (iOS and Android) created within that app. Seems to be a bug, but I wait for feedback before reporting it on Github.