Android: decryption very slow (I guess)

Hi there,
I experience very slow sync on android and my guess on the reason is decryption. I have pretty fast smartphone (above the market average), but still struggling to open the app and read my fresh notes I made on my laptop. I noticed that the sync actually goes quite fast, but the notes stay encrypted for a long while and the app is lagging. So, I have read that the encryption on android devices is far from perfect and have a question.
I had chose a insanely long password for my notes (about 50 characters or so) and wonder if the length of the password could affect the decryption on the phone. If I alter the pass to, say 15 chars, would that relieve my struggles? I am noob in such things, so, laugh not so loud please.

Password length won’t affect decryption speed. There’s no solution at the moment other than waiting for the decryption to be complete.