Joplin unusable during notes decryption on android

This morning I think I was dying when I was creating a note and in the meantime, a synchronization occured.
The uncrypting process was frozing the app, I lost the control 10 secondes for each movement, action I made.
my phone is not so old (an asus zenfone3 max with 3Go of ram and android 7.1.1).
So now I have to launch joplin and wait 4 the end of sync/decryption to use it.
Before I set encryption to on, I never had any frozen behavior.
Anyone already met that before ?

I have the same issue; It didn’t occur to me that it could be because of E2EE, since I never used Joplin without it, I thought it’s just always so slow.

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no it's not "always so slow", I used joplin without E2EE, and never met that behavior before. Now with E2EE it's always slow :confused:

Yes while decrypting it can freeze for a while especially if you have many resources or notes to decrypt. I’m hoping there will be a new crypto lib at some point, which will allow doing decryption in a native way as that would be fast (currently decryption is done on the JS-side, which is slow).

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That’s why I’ve added the decryption status below the sync status recently, so at least you can know how long you have to wait.

Actually I just saw this article, so I might give that a try -

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Please give a try to the latest Android version - decryption is now done in smaller chunks and in the meantime the UI is updated, which should prevent the freezes you mentioned before. I’m not 100% sure it will help in all devices but either way let me know if you notice any change.

For the moment it lasts age as I have 86 objects to uncrypt and the process seems to be stuck on the first one :confused: "decryptage des objects: 1/86"

otherwise the app still freezes a lot for me. i'll wait.

What Android phone do you use? I’m not seeing this issue on my Xperia Z5 but probably I’m not syncing as many resources as you do.

it’s an “asus zenfone 3 max” (asus_x00dd code name)