[Android] Change into a to-do, saving and setting an alarm

I recently missed one task because the alarm didn’t go off.

The reason: I had changed a note into a to-do and then - without saving the new to-do first - jumped to setting the alarm. After that the task seemed to be saved (no disk icon visible) and I closed Joplin.

However, after going through the process once more I noticed that the change into a to-do won’t be saved, if one doesn’t save first by pushing the disc before one goes on setting the alarm.

To my opinion this is confusing. I thought intuitively that I can first make all the changes (into to-do, set alarm etc.) and only after all this save the newly defined to-do.

How do you think?

I could reproduce it: took a normal note, changed it (before saving)
on android 4.4.4 into an to-do, added the alarm, then saved.
So far I saw the checkbox. Syncing it, nothing changed on the
other machine. (Re)Opening the note on android, it had the checkbox
no longer, but repeating with hitting save each time it works.


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