Alternative distributions wiki list

Was just looking at the installation section of the main readme about the "Unsupported" Joplin methods.

Would there be any interest if I was to create a forum wiki post with the main alternative distributions, links, associated people?

Thinking mainly about rpms, aur, flatpak, snap, brew, choco etc.

If it is a public wiki post then people (including the actual maintainers) can edit the post at will with current information about them.

This also means the website section for unsupported methods could potentially be ditched with a link to the forum instead which allows more packages to be publicised, reinforces that they are "unofficial" and keeps the website clear and with no accusations of favouritism (like how Flatpack is displayed but not Snap).


Yes that would be a good idea, and indeed that would make it clearer that we can't support these methods.

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This has now been created here - Unofficial alternative Joplin distributions

It is a wiki post so anyone should be able to edit it - maintainers of the distributions listed feel free to change your names on the post and add/remove links to any additional websites or profiles (including your Joplin Discourse profile).

I haven't gone deep into the Joplin Server stuff so if there are more out there feel free to add, I'm just not as familiar with the variations of Server that are out there.


This is awesome. Thank you!