(@devs) Making a Joplin support room on Matrix

Hello. I am looking to inquire about a Joplin room on Matrix.

(For those who don't know, Matrix (aka The [Matrix] Protocol) is an open communication standard/platform, serviced by a number of clients have been the most popular and well-known being Riot/Element - which has become quite popular in the last 2-3 years. Think of it like IRC or Discord, but fully open, decentralized, federated, etc).

I noticed that among the FOSS software crowd, and just the user base in general, a healthy number of Joplin users, but no specific help or support room (as far as I am aware). Seeing a potential demand, I made one:


("Rooms" are analogous to channels on other platforms)

Obviously at this point it is unofficial, and to be honest I don't have any particular expertise in Joplin or software in general. If there is anyone who is willing to help out, or just wants to join - some problems might be easier to assist with overdraft and in a form format - we would appreciate it.

Of course, I was wondering if the devs might be interested in making it official - I did by sending someone over to manage it, or just giving their blessing - or even just popping in to take a look.

I suppose anyone interested can respond to this thread, or just send me a DM (if this forum allows it). Thanks.

How is it better than this forum though? Looks like it requires registration to browse so I couldn't even check what's there.

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Well, I wouldn't say it is better than this for him, I am sewing not suggesting it as a replacement. Just a compliment. Simply put there are people there that use Joplin, and considering that rooms for other pieces of software and apps are pretty popular, I figured they might benefit from a place to talk and ask questions.

(Also, since the entire platform is decentralized and federated, you do need to create an account on one home server somewhere to be able to interact with it, there isn't really a "default browsing" state)

I am a fan of the single source of truth paradigm. I deeply dislike (with a passion) to spread out information over different channels.

IMO, it's even too complex now: web site, forum, github. (And there's a subreddit and discord as well.)

Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Matrix, Diaspora, Telegram, Mailinglists, Newsgroups, .... where does it end?


Well I'm not unsympathetic to your point of view. At the same time, there is the axiom you have to go where the people are.

I have noticed a lot of Joplin users on that platform in general, and while I'm sure many of them do come to this forum - I dropped the link every once in awhile - there are enough asking questions there on a weekly basis that obviously many don't.

I wouldn't consider it so much fracturing as it is branching out. It's not like those people are already getting help from one of the sources you mentioned, and now they are being sent somewhere else - in reality they just aren't getting any help at all, and this might solve that to an extent.

Of course there isn't really anything you have to do - this was more just intended to let people know it exists. If the devs are interested in getting involved, I completely understand, and we will just keep it unofficial for now. Of course if your opinion change in the future, well you know where to find it.

Ok, let me be more clear.

The Joplin team is not that big. All of us have a full time jobs. Here are my forum stats, just in case you are wondering:

I seriously doubt that any of us want (as in "have the time") to hang out in yet another room/forum/channel/whatnot.

I can tell you right here and now: I won't.

However, my opinion doesn't stop anyone else to take this on. Maybe I'm completely off and there are others from the Joplin team that want to spend a few more hours (besides fixing code, monitoring issues, answering forum posts, adding new features) being present on yet another medium.

Nobody is stopping you from creating such a room and sending them to this forum.

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Okay. I will continue to do just that.

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