Agnostic filename presentation

In order to use joplins .md with other tools (like Markor editor on mobile) one has to resolve joplins filenames and type_ids.
As far as I’ve seen, some of you already did that by implementing plugins for 3rd party editors, like Visual Studio Code.

I’d like to set up a more frontend-agnostic mechanism, is there anything I should have an eye on?
The basic mechanism I think of is pretty straight forward:


  • agnostic-dir = somedirectory
  • Monitor joplins .md folder.
  • On change where last row == “type_id = 1”
    if agnostic-dir contains filename == note-title, apply diff (filtering last line), else copy that file to agnostic-dir, while switching filename and first-line.
  • vice versa

Do you see problems with that?
On agnostic-dir, I’d present notebooks as subfolders.