After Evernote Export: How to restore original structure?

I successfully imported my .enex file. Now I have notes from different notebooks mixed up in the import folder. To restore my previous Evernote structure: Where can I see from which notebook every note originated?

(macOS 10.15.5)

Hi petzi53,

I don’t know the answer but you can try exporting from Evernote per notebook, and then import them one at a time.


Subie has the correct solution. The enex file will just contain the contents of whatever notebook or notebooks you made it from. This is a limitation at the Evernote end.

When I brought my notes over from Evernote to Joplin I had to make an enex file from each notebook. It was a big pain, but I only had to do it once, and I archived them as a backup. Joplin’s export file, on the other hand, DOES remember the metadata, and so you can export one Jex file from Joplin with all your folders & subfolders intact.