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Adding Colors

I use Joplin as a math notebook while zoho notebook as personal notes because of its aesthetic and colorfulness that help me dealing my mood swings.

It would be great if joplin incorporates the same or similar aesthetic appeal of “Zoho Notebook” to make “math noting” a colourful experience.

I would actually like the idea as well… something similar to what Google Keep has (those colors make me happy too):


In Joplin it could probably look somewhat like this (pardon my terrible graphic skills):


That way you can color code similar notes, or add your mood to it, or just to make it visually more appealing.

I’m not a coder, but I think it might be doable without a huge amount of effort… perhaps an idea for the Google 2020 project?

That is exactly what i have in mind but while notes need colors, notebooks itself deserve icons.

Furthermore, “Joplin” layout is modeled similar to “OneNote” and “Evernote”, which are extremely uninspiring as compared to the one offered by “Zoho Notebook”.

I hope that Joplin" invents a new design layout above all other notebooks.