Add "separator" for notes (and notebooks)


After a few weeks of intensive use of Joplin, I've come to have (sub-)notebooks where notes are accumulating and where it becomes at the same time more difficult to grasp some kind of internal structure and to find the target note.

These notebooks' internal structure are either:

  • not "strong" enough to deserve their own sub-notebooks,
  • already deep enough in the notebook tree that I'd rather not create another level down,

For this, some kind of "separator" would be nice to, at least visually, structure note lists (and notebooks tree ideally), like we have for so long in our good old bookmarks.

My current workaround is to create notes with only --- in the title and place them where I want such separation.
Does the job, kind of, but being actual standard notes sometimes come in the way and I'm fearing they may bite me down the road when needs for export and conversion may arrise...

Anyway, thanks a million for this awesome piece of code that revolutionized my learning workflow :pray:


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