Add natural language for tasks

Hi joplin users,

For practical purposes, it is always very useful to have your notes and tasks in one place. So I would like to manage my tasks in Joplin. It would be very useful if we could associate due dates with natural language.

i add a task today #work

is interpreted as

i add a task with a reminder for today and a tag "work"

What do you think about it ?

I don't use Joplin for my todo's, but as a Todoist user I can tell how useful such a feature would be. But for Joplin this might be too niche? This can also become very complex quickly if you have to support different languages, date formats, etc..

However, I think all the pieces are there for a plugin that supports your specific use case (English?). For parsing the input you might want to look into GitHub - peggyjs/peggy: Peggy: Parser generator for JavaScript. It's easy to pick up and has powerful transform features.

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