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Hey, is it possible to add an image without having a random caption added as well? Any time I insert an image (on the desktop app or on the android app as well), the link has the form , which results in the image having a random caption and me having to delete it every time. Is there a way to remove that automatically?
I'm also interested on why this happens in the first place if anyone knows. Is there a reason for it or does it help anyone to have this random caption?

It's not a huge issue, but just wanted to ask if there was a solution.


Screenshot 2024-01-25 171110.png

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I think that's added by a plugin? Maybe the Rich Markdown plugin?

Ahh okay, could be. I thought the plugins wouldn't be relevant because I remembered also having to delete the caption on my phone whenever I added an image, but I just tested it again and the caption there isn't random, it's simply the name of the file (I still delete it every time because I usually don't want the caption).

I don't have the Rich Markdown Plugin installed but I do have the Joplin Enhancement Plugin, which could be the reason for this issue.

Yes that's the one, I remember the issue coming up on Discord or here before. Probably there's some setting you can switch off to disable this?

Thanks, I'll see if I can find a solution!

I tried disabling that plugin which didn't do anything and then disabled all of the plugins I have, restarted the app and it's still happening... Any ideas on what it could be?

Make sure you're restarting the app by going to File then Quit. (By default, closing Joplin on Windows minimizes it to the system tray).

I did quit it properly

Maybe I understood something, disabling all of the plugins does get rid of the caption because the normal view without any plugins doesn't seem to display any caption. However, when adding an image a seemingly random sequence of numbers and letters is still added into the square brackets. Is that the expected behavior?

The text in between the square brackets is the alternative text for the image:

![Alt text goes here](:/resource-id-goes-here)

Alternative text ("ALT text") is used by accessibility tools like screen readers (and some plugins like Joplin Enhancement).

By default, Joplin sets the alternative text to the image's file name.

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