Add F3 keyboard shortcut for next match while searching text inside note

When searching a text inside a note, add keyboard shortucts F3 and Shift+F3 as in any other application to go to the next/previous match.

I'd think exposing next/previous match commands in Keyboard Shortcuts would be preferable. I wouldn't use F3 and Shift+F3 for that, but you should be able to.

As for the default, Enter seems more ubiquitous than F3. The latter could also require Fn or keyboard layers, resulting in more key presses for the same action. However, Enter can't be set in Keyboard Shorcuts, so I don't know that would work.


In vim n and N are used, maybe the default could be something along Fn+n and Fn+N

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That can't be a default. Some keyboards don't include Fn. When they do, pressing it makes function and other special keys work (F3), but doesn't affect regular keys (Fn+N returns N).

I suggest showing Enter and Shift+Enter as existing, but editable defaults for next and previous match. You can then change them to other feasible shortcuts, like F3 and Shift+F3. This gets around how Enter saves shortcuts.

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Oh I didn't know that Enter and Shift Enter already can be used :open_mouth: