Add an automatic source URL addition feature to the web clipping browser plugin,Thank you

When clipping web articles or content, the current browser web clipping plugins do not automatically include the source URL, which can be inconvenient when the source URL is needed but not directly accessible through the link. I hope that during the web clipping process in the browser, the source URL can be automatically added. Thank you.

@Kint welcome to the forum.

When clipping, the source URL is automatically added to the note properties >> image



I'm using the Chrome browser with the Joplin Web Clipper extension. However, I'm not seeing the interface or dialog box that you've mentioned in your screenshot. Could you please tell me what clipping extension you're using?

Joplin Web Clipper. Once you have your clipped note in Joplin press this button image to the right of the title.

Got it, thanks.